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Mobile Operating Systems Conference
We’re excited to announce the 2019 Edition of MobOS - event that has become The Biggest Conference on Mobile Technologies in Romania! MobOS will happen between 14th and 16th of February 2019 (yes, for 3 days!) in Cluj Napoca - the heart of Transylvania! Stay tuned, we're getting ready for another great event!

2019 Edition

The 5th edition of MobOS is over, see the Wrap-up of MobOS 2018 to get an idea on how it was! Check out our Facebook page for pictures and stay tuned as we are now ready for our 2019 edition! Book the dates in your calendar: 14th - 16th of February 2019! Of course, in Cluj Napoca.

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Swav Kulinski, on “Flutter – Mobile 2.0″

Our next speaker in the line-up is Swav Kulinski. Swav is the Lead of Android Community of Practice at The App Business. He also is a Flutter GDE speaking at conferences, […]


DONNY WALS, on “Effectively producing and shipping frameworks for multiple platforms”

We’re happy to announce our first confirmed speaker @ MobOS 2019, Donny Wals! Donny is a passionate, curious iOS developer who loves learning and sharing knowledge. Next to regular development […]


Giveaways at MobOS 2018

As we do every year at MobOS, we do have special giveaways to award during the sessions to either the most engaged participant or the best question asked. So be […]

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I had the chance to meet and learn from some of the persons whose courses, tutorials or blogs I am consulting all the time like Antonio Leiva, John Sundell or Florina Muntenescu.

MobOS participant

A conference that shouldn’t be missed by the mobile lovers but also accessible for the other curious minds. Two full days, that combines perfectly the theoretical with the hands-on part. Beautiful people, people that have something to say and that are passionate about what they are doing – that’s what I saw at this event. I can’t even tell what I liked the most. I had so much to learn from every presentation and workshop!

MobOS participant

MobOS was one of the best experiences to start the year with. A conference that had it all: exciting keynotes presented by even more exciting persons and wonderful workshops regarding hot topics in today’s mobile development world.

MobOS participant

It was one of the most intriguing conferences I’ve attended in the last years!

MobOS participant

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