Call for papers

Organized in Cluj, in the heart of Transylvania, MobOS Conference, leading event on mobile technologies is the place where inspiring and technical speakers are sharing their knowledge and experience. Since its first edition in 2013, MobOS became a mobile technologies conference of reference in Central & Eastern Europe, known to help passionate individuals strengthen their capacities, improve collaboration and share knowledge to support the development of mobile communities.



Accommodation and travel

Flights and accommodation will be provided by the organizers at the place where the conference will take place (4* hotel in Cluj), for the duration of the event. If you want your better half to join you, we will cover the expenses for a double room, while his/her travel needs to be sorted personally. 


Airport pick up

Airport pick up will be provided



  • After the conference party will all the participants
  • VIP Dinner with speakers and partners


Green Room

Speakers will have a dedicated place to go, work and interact, cram their slides or be by themselves


Before conference

Conference promotion on social media.


After the conference

  • We would like to share with the participants the slides you are using for the presentation (subject to speaker agreement)
  • There will be photos and video taken during the conference that will be shared on social media
  • Testimonials will be super appreciated


About Cluj

Curious to find out more about Cluj? Here are some useful facts, and below a movie to convince you about the beauty of this city.



Call4papers timeline 

Suggested topics – just for inspiration:

  • Android and iOS platforms – new features on each platform
  • Data & Technology – trends on mobile
  • Evolution of Mobile industry
  • Building Apps with Dynamic Type
  • Creating a Framework for iOS
  • Continuous Integration using Xcode Server


Some piece of advice:

  • Make your presentation succinct and insightful
  • Show the complexity of the mobile ecosystem
  • Everyone loves a demo and an interactive presentation
  • Avoid clichés



This Call for speakers is looking for the most relevant contributions, innovative ideas, and solutions within the mobile platforms.

All speakers are cordially invited to submit their proposals by filling in the form below. MobOS 2019 will take place on 14-15th of February in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.



Speakers from the 5th edition, 4th edition, 3rd edition.