Alexsander Akers’s workshop on “Debugging, from bugs to butterflies”


Let’s welcome Alexsander Akers to MobOS and introduce him to you properly.

Alex is a software engineer at Microsoft Berlin, where he works on To-Do for both iOS and macOS. He brings previous mobile experience from Facebook where he worked on both the Rooms app and the React Native framework.

At the conference in February, Alex will hold a workshop on “Debugging, from bugs to butterflies”. A few words about it, below.

We as developers spend more time debugging code than writing new code. While it would be wonderful if it worked the first time, that can’t always be the case. It can seem frustrating at first, but fixing a bug can be the best reward. We’ll spend this workshop learning valuable debugging tools and techniques that you can use in your own iOS development. I encourage you to bring your bugs to the workshop so we can work through them together. Or if your project isn’t shareable, try creating a reproduction case that we can use instead.

Hope to see you at MobOS in February 2018!

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