Cosmin Pupaza on “The Why, What and How of Reactive Programming”

Cosmin Pupaza_preview

Our next-in-line to be announced speaker at MobOS 2018 is Cosmin Pupaza

Cosmin is a tutorial and book writer from Romania. He is one of the authors of the very popular Swift Apprentice book at and writes tutorials and books as part of the Swift and iOS teams and communities at,,,,, and his own blog. He has worked with more than a dozen programming languages over the years, but none of them has made such a great impact on himself as the advent of Swift. When not coding, he either plays the guitar or studies WWII history.

At MobOS 2018, Cosmin will be sharing his experience on “The Why, What and How of Reactive Programming”

His talk will focus on the three core aspects of reactive programming:

  • Why reactive programming?
  • What is reactive programming?
  • How do you implement reactive programming in your own apps?

Time to see how reactive programming works in action – from simple use cases to complex scenarios, we’ve got you all covered over here.

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