Matteo Bonifazi on “Developing Android mobile app in 2018. What can the market offer?”


We’re getting closer and closer to finalizing the conference agenda, so stay tuned for the last speakers announcement.

This time, we’re happy to introduce you to Matteo Bonifazi, who will be taking us through a topic we’re really curious about “Developing Android mobile app in 2018. What can the market offer?”

Matteo developed apps for more than five billions downloads, and physical devices, for almost one billions unit sold. Experienced to work with enterprise companies as Sky Italia, Intesa SanPaolo, Ferrero, and Tesco for international applications. He’s a mobile developer mainly focused on Android application development and keen to face new challenges.

Working for consulting company has given him the advantage of creating one-on-one relationship with partners and to improve relationship skills. He’s communicated daily with technical and no-tech customer people with the goal to achieve their expectation about Android products.

At MobOS he will be sharing his experience and what he’s learnt about mobile using communities, where he is an active member, and the Google Developer Expert program (joined in April 2015). The main purpose is to spread mobile technologies to communities with meetups, hackathons and conferences.

Matteo has been speaking at conferences over the world (London, Paris, Zurich, San Francisco, Rome) and has been authoring the book “Sviluppare applicazioni per Android in 7 giorni” ( and co-authoring “Android Programmazione Avanzata” (

Some words about his talk on “Developing Android mobile app in 2018. What can the market offer?”

Here we are in 2018. It has been a long trip from Android was born. Making mobile app for Android doesn’t mean just Java or Kotlin. In the developing panorama, new technologies, like FlutterIo, React Native, etc. face the developing challenge. We will dive into the pitfall & benefit to develop mobile app with this new approach.

We look forward to meeting him soon, in February at MobOS 2018!

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