The Team

Get to know who’s behind the MobOS conference!

The co-founders

The story began in 2012 – back then 2 ladies had a lot of free time and wanted to do something for a community where not much has been done. During a hot summer day, while enjoying a lemonade, the idea of a mobile community and a conference as a meeting point was born. Since that moment, Andreea and Teodora have been working to make this happen.

Now we’re launching the 2019 edition, with the same idea as in the beginning: to build a mobile community of sharing.

Andreea Parvu
Andreea Parvu

Andreea is passionate about people and snowboarding – and very close to the IT community in Cluj. She’s always up for a laugh, a visionare with strong determination.

Teodora has an eye for details and loves hiking – while working as an events organiser and being close to the technical community as well. A strong believer in a balanced work-life equation, MobOS has become a close to her heart project.

The team

Shortly after the end of the first edition, the technical guys joined to form the core team of the conference. Andrei on Android and Dorin on iOS are both top experts in their fields and most of all, extremely passionate about everything related to mobile development.

Andrei Craciun
Andrei Craciun

Besides MobOS and the community, Andrei is also a speaker at different technical conferences, while on his free time he’s developing apps around connected homes and lately, a program that will modernize beekeeping.

Dorin Danciu


Dorin is an independent contractor dedicated to iOS mobile development. Since 2017 he runs Beilmo, an interactive studio that creates compelling mobile applications in Cluj-Napoca. He also writes [technical] notes to his future self on his blog.

Paul Somlea
Paul Somlea

The newest addition to the team is Paul – the creative mind behind the image MobOS has in the past 3 years. Arts University graduate, he’s very talented and passionate about design and user interface. He loves to snowboard, keeps investing in his own development and has joined the team with the will to contribute to the mobile community the way he knows best.

MobOS would not be possible without the passion each of the team member brings in. From generating ideas, discussing the topics, inviting and securing the relevant speakers – to interviewing them, select them, promote the event, sort out logistics, speak to the community – the workload is huge and it starts months before each edition.

We’re really looking forward to meeting everyone in February 2019! Stay tuned for more details revealing in the meantime!