2 days workshop on Unit Testing & TDD (Android Kotlin / Java & iOS), with Jorge D. Ortiz Fuentes

This year at MobOS we have decided to replace the various short workshops with a 2 days long one, to give everyone the opportunity to go in depth in learning all about Unit testing and TDD. The speaker will be Jorge, and we know many of you are already familiar with him, as it’s the 3rd time we have him in Cluj to deliver his amazing teachings. Below more details about the workshop syllabus and Jorge. 

Don’t forget to register! The seats are limited!

Workshop Description
Very likely you have been told about unit testing your code before. You may already know the theory and you would want to give it a try. But it is hard to walk this path alone since the first tests are the also the hardest.
Join us for this workshop and take a different approach: get to the top of the Unit Test Mountain with a Sherpa that will not only share the concepts but write the tests with you.
In this two day workshop you will learn:

  • What are Unit Tests and how to write them
  • How to simplify the tests and have Clean tests too
  • When and how to use Test Doubles
  • What is TDD and how to practice it
  • How to unit test everything in your app, including the views.

Take a New Year’s resolution now to make the quality of your code something better than a matter of faith!

Day 1
Module 1: Introduction to Unit Tests
  • Test return
  • Test state
  • Test behavior
Module 2: Improving Tests
  • Reorganization of the test code
  • Reuse of fixtures
  • Reuse of convenience methods
Module 3: Introduction to Test Doubles
  • Explanation of dummies, stubs, spies, mocks, and fakes
  • Implementation of doubles tests
Module 4: Advanced Test Doubles
  • Implementation with mocking libraries (Kotlin/Java)
  • Enhancing mocks (Swift)

Day 2

Module 5: Intro to TDD

  • TDD concepts and schools
  • Implementation of the red, green, refactoring sequence
  • First examples
Module 6: TDD FTW!

  • TDD everywhere
  • Testing exceptions/errors

Module 7: The Implications of the Architecture

  • Architecture concepts to get a more verifiable code
  • Implementation of an example
Module 8: Advanced Tests: Testing the Views
  • Identification of the verifiable aspects with unit tests of the views
  • Unit tests of View controllers and activities/fragments (with Robolectric & FragmentScenario)

Jorge is a freelancer dedicated to mobile development, security, and systems architecture. As a developer, he started to work for the M.I.T. in 1993 and since then he has collaborated in many software projects. Most of them were internally for HP where he worked for more than 15 years. Since 2008 he has been working in different aspects of mobile development. After playing with PalmOS, he learned Android programming for the first Android Developer Challenge and immediately started to play with the first iPhone SDK. He often participates as an instructor in the best iOS and Android Bootcamps in the U.S.A. and Europe. He has recently founded Canonical Examples to help other developers to take a step forward and become senior developers in a very demanding market

You can watch some of his talks at https://powwau.com/en/talks/

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