7 Reasons why you shouldn’t miss MobOS 2016

What is this MobOS all about?

Started in 2013, MobOS stands for “Mobile Operating Systems Community” in Romania. MobOS founders intended to build a community around the field of mobile software development and extend it in amongst all mobile software professionals in Romania.

The community is mainly built through virtual communications, but also with key points of interaction in form of dedicated events along the year – and this MobOS 2016 is the next annual event, the biggest announced so far in Transylvania.


Why is MobOS 2016 so special?

For the 3rd edition of the MobOS Conference on 18th -19th February 2016, we have prepared a stronger agenda with more experienced speakers and have added the concept of Wearables Fair. The speakers on Android are all Google Developer Experts, while the ones on the iOS track come from Mashable or have had a remarkable contribution to Swift framework. Totally, a must see!


Ok, ok, but why me?

But still, you might ask, why should you take part in MobOS 2016? As far as we can think of, here are the 7 main reasons why you should book your ticket right now for MobOS Conference this month in Cluj -Napoca:

  1. Get some geeky insights and solve some mysteries. We have no doubt that you are an expert at what you do – we just want you to find some tricks or in case you’re stuck, to find a solution. That’s always helped, didn’t it?
  2. Get some inspiration from the awesome speakers. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll get to speak in front of the crowd or you are just interested in a good presentation with an interesting topic for you?
  3. Networking with peers. Industry conferences provide a great opportunity to network with similar passionate individuals; you can discover you have similar issues, debate solutions or even understand how privileged you are to be working inside your company J
  4. Get knowledge from some of the greatest experts into the mobile field. MobOS is one of the very few opportunities in Romania to get to hear and speak to international experts in the mobile development field. As mentioned before, the speakers announced for 2016 are subject matter experts in their field and therefore we really believe you can learn something quite valuable for the day to day job or for what you’re passionate about.
  5. New tools and technologies. Through our international speakers we aim to you a wide variety of insights, new tools, solutions to some issues, new technologies and good case practices.
  6. WIN some gadgets. Starting with the 2nd edition, at MobOS we award involvement and we give away some really cool gadgets. Besides learning, you can win some gadgets to boost your motivation and happiness J
  7. Get out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to speak to strangers and ask questions in public – such an amazing opportunity for you to learn some new skills. Maybe you’ll even apply them with your colleagues, clients or employer and for sure it’s only going to be beneficial.

Have we convinced you to REGISTER to MobOS 2016? If not, maybe an even more pragmatic look on the AGENDA, SPEAKERS or ABSTRACTS will lead you there. Thank you for the time and we look forward to meeting you at MobOS in less than a few weeks!

Yours truly,

And excited MobOS Organizing Team

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