Alex Cornea on “Human-Computer Interaction: Present and Future Trends”

We’re extremely excited to announce the keynote of MobOS 2018: Alex Cornea, from Accenture, will open the event with a talk about “Human-Computer Interaction: Present and Future Trends”.

Alex  started his work experience as a freelancer in high school, afterwards moving on full time jobs as a developer in php, flash, game development, .net, android,  JavaScript,  hybrid mobile apps. At the Accenture Industrial Software Center of Excellence in Cluj, he coordinates innovative projects in the IoT and smart products area. Alex believes that the way we interact with technology will change in the future and we can see the firsts steps today with the exploding market of Voice assistance products.

To give you a small taste of what the speech will be about, here are a few lines:

“Human-Computer Interaction: Present and Future Trends”: In a period of constantly evolving technology it’s clear that the way we interact with machines is changing drastically and it’s going towards a more natural approach. Join me for a short session  where we will discuss current and future trends of the changes that will happen with our everyday devices, be it mobile phones, our home or our car.


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