Alexsander Akers’s workshop on “Advanced Collection Views with Custom Layouts”

Let’s welcome¬†Alexsander Akers to MobOS and introduce him to you properly.

Alex is a software engineer at Microsoft Berlin, where he works on To-Do for both iOS and macOS. He brings previous mobile experience from Facebook where he worked on both the Rooms app and the React Native framework.

At the conference in February, Alex will hold a workshop on “Advanced Collection Views with Custom Layouts”. A few words about it, below.

Collection views come out of the box with a classic flow layout class, but anything more complicated would require a custom collection view layout, or worse, a completely custom UI element. In this workshop, you will learn how collection view layouts work under-the-hood and how to write your own layout to express a unique, custom design.

Hope to see you at MobOS in February 2018!

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