Alin Turcu on “Beyond Model View Whatever”

And finally, the last (but never the least) speaker joining us at MobOS 2019: Alin Turcu.

From coding to architecture solutions and coordinating engineering teams, Alin was involved in all stages of mobile app development his my career. Lately, he mostly focuses on software design, establishing coding standards, experimenting with the latest frameworks and technologies, improving apps performance and coaching engineers.

Alin is also an active contributor to open source libraries, he loves sharing knowledge and keeping up to speed with the latest technological trends.

Alin always says: “if you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong, never stop searching for better ways to do things and innovate, innovate, innovate in everything that you do!”

His talk at the conference will be around “Beyond Model View Whatever”

Back in the days, your application was a charm, clean, designed and the code was clear. But over time, new features came into play, network calls, asynchronous processing, your little baby turned out to be a monster and you lose yourself in the code. You start to realize that using just an MVC/MVP/MVVM patterns are no longer enough. What now?
In this talk, Alin will describe possible solutions to enhance your app’s design and talk about the new design patterns that emerged lately like MVI and Redux.

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