Andrea Cipriani, on “Backend driven UI on Mobile Applications, a hybrid approach”

Happy and excited to announce our next speaker ar MobOS 2019: Andrea Cipriani!

Andrea is an Italian Software Engineer based in Berlin. He’s been working on Mobile development for the last six years, particularly on iOS. His main interests are Software Engineering at scale and Distributed Systems. Andrea is currently working on the Core Clients team at SoundCloud, where they support their iOS, Android and Web developers with tools and shared code to speed up the development of features. He likes to balance all the time spent staring at a monitor by doing sports like fencing, table tennis, and scuba diving; playing Texas Hold’em Poker, reading and watching movies. Three movies that he likes are: “The Dreamers – Bertolucci”, “Waking life – Linklater”, “Love – Gaspar Noé”. Three songs that he likes are: “White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane”, “All tomorrow’s parties – The Velvet Underground”, “You know I’m No Good – Amy Winehouse” and three books that Andrea likes are: “The painter of modern Life – Baudelaire”, “Dictionary of Received Ideas – Flaubert”, “Thinking, fast and slow – Kahneman”

Andrea will be speaking at MobOS 2019 about “Backend driven UI on Mobile Applications, a hybrid approach”

Building user interfaces is a substantial part of Mobile Application development. In the most common approach, the UI of an app is built on the client side. Nevertheless, a few companies have already explored the advantages of controlling the UI from the backend. We will first explore the benefits and the problems of a “Backend driven UI” approach. In the second part, I will present a hybrid approach that was successfully adopted at SoundCloud to build the home screen last year. This will include a live demo of a dynamic UI that is partially controlled from the backend.

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