Antonio Leiva: about Kotlin – presentation & workshop at MobOS 2018

We know many of you love Kotlin, and that’s why we’re happy to let you know we have a cool speaker at MobOS who will make you happy durign a conference presentation and a 3 hours workshop.

Meet Antonio Leiva, Android Engineer working at Plex, writing the best media software of all times. In his free time, he loves learning about Kotlin and share all this knowledge with the Android community on his blog A couple of years ago, Antonio wrote a book, Kotlin for Android Developers, that was meant to help other developers start diving into the languages without knowledge in a very practical way. This year, Antonio also published an online course based on the same methodology. Apart from this, he does live workshops in Spain, goes to great events like MobOS and teaches at the University. Don’t doubt and come and say hello during the event!

Antonio’s presentation during Day 1 has a really funny title “Yo Dawg! I heard you like Kotlin”

Kotlin is the new official language to develop Android Apps, and it can be used almost everywhere. But did you know you could write a complete App without using other language rather than Kotlin? It can substitute Java in your code, XML in your views and Groovy in your Gradle files. And, since Kotlin 1.2, you can also share code among different Apps all written in Kotlin. Enjoy Kotlin everywhere!

Going deeper into the topic, Day 2 at MobOS brings Antonio’s workshop on “Kotlin is easy! Start using it in your Android apps”

Still haven’t started using Kotlin to develop Android Apps? No problem! In this workshop we’ll start from scratch and run through the basic concepts so that you can continue on your own once you get back home. We’ll do a small sample App to get deep into practice since the beginning. You just need your laptop and your Android Studio updated to the latest version.

Make sure you book 15th and 16th of February 2018 in your calendars. MobOS 2018 is not to be missed!

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