Assaf Gelber on “Preparing your app for the next billion internet users”

It is with great excitement that we are starting to announce the confirmed speakers for the 5th edition of MobOS, a special anniversary for us. 

The first awesome speaker we’re presenting now is Assaf Gelber, coming from Facebook.

Assaf works on the team making Facebook Lite as fast, efficient and smooth as possible. Most of his time is spent blankly staring at systraces and heap dumps, occasionally writing code to make them look better when he finds a way to do so.
Assaf also enjoys brewing coffee, eating cake and various other activities, which he hasn’t put enough effort into analyzing his performance at yet 🙂


At MobOS, Assaf will be speaking about “Preparing your app for the next billion internet users”.

Building apps for the newest mobile devices using all the latest features and capabilities is sexy. But you know what’s sexier? Building apps for (literally) billions of people.
Most internet users aren’t on blazing fast networks and don’t have the latest flagship phones. This will become even more prominent as more people get access to the web. If you want these people to use your apps, you need to be able to give them an awesome experience.
Let’s take a deep dive into what it takes to optimize your android app for bad networks and single-core devices with less than half a GB of memory and see how you can start giving your next billion users a great experience starting today.

We don’t know about you, but we are pretty excited to hear his talk. At MobOS, in February 2018.

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