Ataul Munim on “Testing Views in Isolation with Espresso”

Our next speaker to announce today is Ataul Munim, joining MobOS with a presentation on “Testing Views in Isolation with Espresso”.

Ataul is a product engineer at Novoda and a Google Developer Expert for Android. He focuses on inclusive design for mobile platforms and loves facilitating the production of universally useable apps. A giant process nerd, Ataul has recently been focused on advocating for accessibility on Android and identifying workflows to facilitate the production of universally useable apps.

A few words about his presentation on “Testing Views in Isolation with Espresso”:

We added support to our app for Android TalkBack, an assistive technology for visually impaired users. None of our developers had used TalkBack before, let alone had to maintain support for it. And similarly, our QA team had limited experience with testing it. Espresso to the rescue! We were able to use Espresso to test our custom Views in isolation. This helped us ensure we didn’t introduce regressions and also drastically reduced the amount of time QA spent running through test cases manually. Find out how you can use Espresso to test your custom View logic and at the same time, make your app more accessible to a wider range of users.

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