Boris Buegling – first confirmed speaker on the iOS Agenda

Continuing our speakers announcements for the 3rd MobOS edition, we want to introduce Boris to you. Boris is a Cocoa developer from Berlin, who currently works on the iOS SDK at Contentful and will bring loads of insights for the iOS developers in the Romanian Mobile Community at MobOS 2016.

Why is Boris so cool that you shouldn’t miss his presence at MobOS in Cluj Napoca?

  • Boris has many many iOS apps under his belt
  • he is a strong open source contributor
  • Boris was a speaker at many mobile conferences in Europe and the US (such as SwiftSummit San Francisco 2015, NSSpain 2015, RubyMotion Paris 2015, Mobile Days Ankara 2015, Swift Summit London 2015 or Mobiconf Krakow 2014)
  • he is building plugins to tame Xcode and is bashing bugs as the CocoaPods “Senior VP of Evil”
  • Boris was a Java super developer in another life (seriously!)

Did we raised your curiosity, beloved iOS developers in the mighty Romanian Mobile Community? Be ready then for the start of the registrations and don’t miss your spot at MobOS 3rd edition, between 18 – 19 February 2016, in Cluj Napoca.

And if you want to get ready to proper welcome Boris, make sure you take a look on his website, see where he spoke and what he presented so far, follow him on Twitter and see his projects on GitHub.

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