Busra Deniz Akin on “Creating ML-powered applications”

We’re happy to announce our next speaker at MobOS: Busra Deniz Akin. Busra is an Android Developer who has a keen interest in developing high-quality mobile applications. Currently, she’s working for The App Business. Besides being co-organizer in two different communities, Google Developer Group, and WomenTechMakers London, she enjoys voluntarily organizing and speaking at developer events.

Her topic at the event will be about “Creating ML-powered applications“.

Each day we are hearing yet another application that announces a new cool feature powered by machine learning. It’s pretty exciting but when the time comes to deep diving into machine learning, it can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have machine learning background. In this session, you will get the gist of newly announced MLKit. We’ll be learning about MLKit features and creating custom TensorFlow model and using it in app via MLKit

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