Call 4 paper results

We are really excited to announce the result of the call 4 paper contest this year at MobOS 2017. We had many applicants, and the selection process was really difficult. We stretched the agenda at maximum capacity so that we could allow as many good speakers to take the stage. We have selected 8 speakers from the competition to join us at the event. Ready to meet them? The order is purely random – no criteria involved ūüôā


EnriqueEnrique García Navalón, full-stack web developer specialized in real-time technologies.
You probably are thinking now, why is this web guy presenting¬†to a mobile conference? Turns out I’m doing lots of talks lately about progressive web apps, a set of technologies that will allow to create dynamically an apk and install it directly from a web, among other cool things.
I think that PWAs are going to have a big impact in the mobile world and it is important to know about them for every developer of the mobile sector. Hence, I’m proposing to you a “PWAs for mobile Developers” introductory talk that would perfectly fit a 20 min slot. I would cover what they are, what can they do, why are they important from a technical and business stand point, and what can they don’t do (where native app are still required).
Cristian OrasanuCristian Orasanu, general manager at Innovations by Crossrider  
Cristian’s talk will be a first on the MobOS agenda – a little bit of a Business talk to offer a¬†nice contrast in the technical line-up. What are the App Strategies and what should people know about an Incubator before applying?¬†If you`re looking to develop your own products and bring them to market, you shouldn’t miss this session and find out our take on Romanian VC environment, as bootstrapping only gets you so far.
Sorin Ciorceri & Andrei Craciun, with a speech on “Beendroid
Sorin and Andrei are going to take the latest Android technologies to a field test in order to develop an Android powered beehive monitoring system.Andrei-Craciun
VeaceslavVeaceslav Gaidarji
* Veaceslav works as Android Department Manager at Ellation for 2 years, an IT company with over 10 years of experience in software development
 and with offices in Stuttgart (Germania), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Chisinau (Moldova) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).
* Veaceslav is experienced software developer. He’s doing mostly Android development (5+ years), but is familiar also with Objective C, C#, C++.
* He enjoys reverse engineering and customizing AOSP
* Veaceslav tries to automate everything and speaks bash
* Jenkins & Bitrise projects contributor: 1) 2) 3) 4)
His¬†presentation will be about ‚ÄúComparison of different CI services‚ÄĚ (with example on Android project).
Presentation is based on repository. 
Aurelian Victor Cotuna, Android developer for about 5 years now

Founder of TheArktech company in Cluj-Napoca, selected to be a speaker also on the previous edition of the conference.

His presentation will be about Firebase, called “From ashes to Firebase”.






DorinDorin Danciu

Dorin is an iOS developer, startupper and consultant. He is focused on delivering the best products to his clients. He likes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile technologies. When he is not working, he is most likely traveling around the world.
The Topic of his presentation is “Benchmarks for Protobuf and JSON while using swift on both client and server side
A head to head comparison between the familiar JSON, and yet to be addopted by the masses, Protobuf. Speed results, payload sizes, deserialization times and real world end to end tests will try to determine the best serialization technology you may use in your next project.
DmitriiDmitrii Celpan, an iOS developer at¬†Ellation, will be speaking about the “World of Swift operators”¬†
This is all about how to work with operators in Swift, how to declare a custom ones and the main thing, that we don’t have to be afraid to see them and to use them.




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