Cesare Rocchi on walking “In the customer’s shoes”

Our next speaker to be revealed comes from the beautiful land of Italy, and his name is Cesare.

Cesare Rocchi is a speaker, book author, UX designer and developer specializing in web and mobile applications. He began working on interactive applications fifteen years ago, while he was a researcher in the academia.

He now runs Studio Magnolia, an interactive studio that creates compelling web and mobile applications. He blogs at upbeat.it and now he is busy working on AppVersion and Podrover. You can find him on Twitter.

When we design digital products and sell services and pixels to people – we usually do not met them person. In such a context it’s easy to overlook human aspects. In his presentation, Cesare will address how well known mechanisms of cognition (like pattern recognition, peripheral attention and working memory) impact the way we perceive digital products. Knowing these mechanisms will enhance our ability to get in the customer’s shoes and improve the way we design products.

Cesare will be speaking for both Android and iOS tracks, so make sure you don’t miss attending The Biggest Conference on Mobile Technologies in Romania, in February 2017 in Cluj-Napoca!

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