Crinela Pamfilie, facilitating the iOS track

It’s now time to introduce the iOS track facilitator for MobOS 2018, Crinela Pamfilie, iOS Developer & Scrum Master @ Endava.

She’s been an iOS developer/Scrum Master for a while now.

Being part of the mobile development world offers mostly the context to change things more often but not always. I had the chance to work on several projects, often doing more than development.

My interests are clean code, better  UI/UX, latest mobile technologies and everything related to making a team great. Being part of the same team for a while has its challenges too. Lately, finding a balance between client expectations, a successful delivery and keeping the team focused has been one of my goals as I am moving towards new challenges. 

At the end of the day, I still find pleasure into reading or gaming but what I love most is to travel, have new experiences, explore new places.

You might remember Crinela from last year’s MobOS. We’re looking forward to have her join us again! See you all next week!

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