Dario Incalza on “Attacking Android Applications”

The next speaker announced for MobOS 2017 is Dario Incalza, coming from Antwerp in Belgium. Dario is a mobile security expert at ZIONSECURITY, where he performs security assessments of mobile applications and their backends on architectural and implementation level. Additionally he coaches juniors in his team on mobile security and evangelises mobile security to the global community. When he is not talking or working on mobile security at ZIONSECURITY, he enjoys bug bounty hunting and creating open source reverse engineering tools.

Dario will be speaking about “Attacking Android Applications”

In this talk we aim at showing how easy it is to reverse engineer an Android application. We show how to perform static analysis on an application. Secondly, we illustrate how applications are attacked dynamically in orde to investigate or alter the program flow of the application. Attendees walk away with tools and information to perform basic pentesting techniques on their own applications.

Registration for MobOS will start soon, so stay tuned for more details and see you in less than 5 weeks!

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