DONNY WALS, on “Effectively producing and shipping frameworks for multiple platforms”

We’re happy to announce our first confirmed speaker @ MobOS 2019, Donny Wals!

Donny is a passionate, curious iOS developer who loves learning and sharing knowledge. Next to regular development for his day job, he has written three books and loves transferring his knowledge through talks for local meetups, coworkers and conferences.

He will be speaking about “Effectively producing and shipping frameworks for multiple platforms”

In this presentation I will demonstrate how you can orchestrate the development cycles for several teams that work on native SDKs for several platforms, including Android and iOS. This talk will explain how features get designed, approved and implemented. The focus will mostly be on how you can ensure that all teams provide stable and robust public APIs, accompanied by a solid and reliable test suite. By the end of this talk, attendees will understand how they can improve their multi-platform SDKs through feature specs, Behaviour Driven Development and Test Driven Development. The talk is given from an iOS developers perspective so the code samples and experiences will be mostly based on that of an iOS developer that works together with several teams to build an SDK.


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