Dorin Danciu on “Becoming a full stack developer – Server side Swift”

Dorin Danciu will hold the 1st iOS workshop during the second day at MobOS 2017 – the details of the workshop are as follows:

Title: Becoming a full stack developer – Server side Swift
Description: While developing for iOS is a fun and rewarding experience, there are times when all the clutter returned from a server side solution can drive you mad. Starting with DTOs that are changing without a notice, mapping between serialised data and models, aggregating various endpoints because this is the way the web does it, and many more reasons have showed me that if you want a mobile first experience, you need to step in the server side gang and fight. 
I mean fight with your own weapons, and in this case we will use Swift to build some mobile friendly restful services, that will give you a boost on those spare time projects of yours and the opportunity to expand your expertise area in a segment dominated by php JS and Ruby.

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