Dorin Danciu on “Getting to know Siri”

As we’re 3 weeks away from the conference we’re going to introduce you now to our latest speakers. Today, Let’s get to know Dorin Danciu.

Dorin is an independent contractor dedicated to iOS mobile development. He now runs Beilmo (, an interactive studio that creates compelling mobile applications in Cluj-Napoca. You can find him on Twitter at @DorinDanciu.

At Mobos he is inviting us to “Get to know Siri”

Right after Siri was lunched in 2011, voice interaction design has become one of his favorite topics, but the enthusiasm vanished year after year, given the poor API capabilities. Join Dorin in discovering if this has changed with the latest Siri iterations, and how much can you achieve nowadays using your pocket assistant.

See you at MobOS 2018!

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