Ellen Shapiro on “The Great iOS Concurrency Bake-Off”

Let’s welcome Ellen Shapiro, our next speaker at MobSO 2019!

Ellen Shapiro is an iOS and Android developer at Bakken & Bæck’s Amsterdam office who has been building native apps for both iOS and Android since 2010. She’s written tutorials for RayWenderlich.com about iOS and Android since 2013, and is now one of the authors of their Kotlin Apprentice book. In addition, she’s the primary developer on on Hum, a songwriting notebook app for iOS. When not coding, Ellen spends her time traveling, biking all over the Netherlands, and hanging out with her fiancée and their two cats.

Her talk at the conference will be around “The Great iOS Concurrency Bake-Off

Callback Hell is a problem affecting developers of all stripes trying to write asynchronous code that’s easy to follow. iOS developers don’t yet have much in the way of built-in options to reduce callback hell, but there are several libraries which purport to help. In this session, you’ll get a look at what problems are being solved by RxSwift and PromiseKit, as well as a look at an intriguing functional technique to avoid callback hell without libraries. And you’ll learn more about how to answer the question: Which of these hammers is the most appropriate for my particular nail?

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