Esteban Torres on “MVVM(DC): Taming your architecture”

The next speaker announced to join us at MobOS 2017 is Esteban Torres. Esteban is an iOS Developer from beautiful and rainy Costa Rica, recently relocated to Berlin to join SoundCloud. Being always attracted by mobile devices, he jumped on the iOS train as soon as he had the chance and never looked back.

Esteban likes being involved with the community and has tried to help with projects like RxSwiftCommunity among others. He was very fast to say YES in joining the invitation to speak at MobOS as well and share his knowledge with the mobile community here.

Esteban will be taking us through “MVVM(DC): Taming your architecture”.

Everyone is well aware of most of the different architectures available out there and jump here and there trying to be on the «latest and trendiest architecture»; which is ok, sadly though, most of the time we are left with lots of gaps and wondering how exactly our apps fit into this architecture or the other with no clear answer.

This talk will try to help fill some of the gaps in between MVVM via introducing some concepts that even though they are not new; giving them a name and an explanation into how they fit and tie things together helps others understand better a simple yet very helpful architecture like MVVM.

Curious to hear Esteban? Stay tuned, tickets will be launched soon!

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