Fumiya Nakamura on “Optimizing iOS Development”

Let’s welcome out first speaker joining MobOS from Japan!!!

Fumiya is CTO at ookami, a Japanese sports tech startup. He is currently working on an app called Player!, that is a service bringing new
ways to enjoy sports in real time. He writes Swift since 2014 soon after Apple launched it, and Player! is currently written in Swift from start.
He loves the open source community, and he is one of the core contributors for fastlane, and helps mobile developer focus on their products.

His talk around “Optimizing iOS Development” will tackle the below main ideas:

OS Developers spend lots of time not building applications. We have to prepare app submission, upload metadata (such as screenshots, release notes) for releasing the app to the store. Before releasing we build and distribute app for testing internally to make sure it works as expected. If we release frequently, these flow takes huge amounts of time.
For this reason, we are trying to automate the process. However writing build scripts and automating the distribution is not easy task.
In this talk, I’ll cover multiple ways of strategically automating release flows and save teams time, by leverage of OSS.

See you at MobOS!!!

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