Ileana Boroica keynote on “Better and Faster in Mobile Development”

Let’s welcome our keynote speaker from Accenture, Ileana Boroica!

Ileana is a curious iOS developer with a strong passion for a powerful programming language, Swift, with six years of experience with the technology. She worked on large applications with beacons, OCR framework, ABB sensors, connected appliances. For Ileana, writing Swift code is interactive and fun, and she always happily shares her knowledge with others and proactively explores new areas and ways to do things better. When Ileana wants to escape from her daily routine, she enjoys reading and exploring new city break destinations.

Ileana’s keynote at MobOS 2020 will be about “Better and Faster in Mobile Development.”

It’s not just about creating mobile apps, but also providing the user an interactive, modern and engaging app. 

There are things that we can do to have better and faster apps using the latest features available for iOS and Android. The statistics say that 77% of users will abandon an app within the first three to seven days from download, so we should give the user a welcoming and delightful app by applying different methods for reducing the launch time, the app size and creating a simple and effective user experience. 

But it doesn’t matter if you do it right if you don’t do it fast and this speed consolidated by reliability can be achieved through the use of automated CI/CD pipeline that saves both time and money.   

We will talk more about this and other important practices that are useful in creating state of the art apps.

See you at MobOS in a few weeks, don’t forget to secure your seat while there’s still some time left!

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