Keynote MobOS 2017: Zsolt Kovacs, on “People-First services in the age of Connected Products”

We are very excited to announce the Keynote speech that will open the 4th and the biggest Mobile Technologies Conference in Romania! Zsolt Kovacs, Mobile Apps Capability Lead and UX, IoT, FOTA enthusiast represents Accenture and will give the tone to what looks like a great agenda around mobile technologies. Let’s get to know¬†Zsolt and find out more about his keynote.

Zsolt is passionate about mobile since Pocket PC 2002, contributing to Open Mobile Alliance Firmware-Over-The-Air standards and responsible for apps winning GSMA awards. He helps people and organizations to reach their best with the help of technology advancements in the context of User Experience & Connected Products/Internet-of-Things. Zsolt also believes that industrial workers have the right to consumer technology. In the world of industry dominated by technology first approach, he and his team is working on bringing the fresh people-first approach to services and products.

Keynote topic: People-First services in the age of Connected Products

People-First approach is a new way to deliver services to the end customer and is opposed to Technology-First approach.

People-First assumes a good understanding of the target user group (a.k.a persona), their daily habits, challenges and opportunities to deliver a much improved service that can be channeled through web, mobile, wearables and other IoT devices.

These IoT devices are what we call Connected Products and can range from our Smart Watch, Connected Fridge, Connected Car, Smart Light Bulb and you name it. When integrating these devices service providers can get an improved understanding of what is valuable for the end users and recreate personalized experiences.

As mobile is our personal dashboard for these services and products, it is essential for the mobile developers to master this topic in the coming years as the number of these devices and size of service ecosystem is exponentially growing.

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