Krzysztof Zabłocki – does Mashable ring a bell?

As always, we’re extremely excited to announce a new speaker from the amazing ones we have at MobOS 2016! This time we will introduce you to Krzysztof, who will be speaking on the iOS track at the 3rd MobOS edition.

Before the first iPhone came out, Krzysztof used to work on games and graphics programming. Currently, he focuses on Craftsmanship, UIX and Tools, Author of Playgrounds for Objective-C and Apple Essential Apps like Foldify.

We meeting Krzysztof at MobOS 2016 is a must? Here are some really good reasons:

  • First of all, he’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie
  • He’s currently working for Mashable
  • In terms of work, he’s creating libraries and tools used by thousands of developers, including immersive technologies like Playgrounds
  • Krzysztof runs workshops for clients and spoke so far at over 20 conferences around the world
  • He’s creating 3D Game engines and games
  • Krzysztof leads development teams, e.g. The App Business in London, where he was running a team of over 10 engineers, ensuring we deliver best quality projects for big clients like Unilever or News International
  • Passionate about sharing his knowledge with others developers, he spends a lot of time contributing to Cocoa community with his many open source projects and popular blog
  • So far, Krzysztof created multiple award winning apps like Foldify, including Apple Essential, Best of Year and ADA no

Till MobOS will happen, you can get to know Krzysztof a little better by following him on Twitter, sending him a friend request on Facebook or see what his work has been like so far on his Blog or on Github.

Stay tuned – there are really just a few days till registration will be open!

The really excited (we just can’t stop saying it) MobOS team J

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