Marius Mailat on “Your next car will run on Android Automotive OS”

Let’s welcome again at MobOS Marius Mailat, probably the speaker taking our stage most often. 

Marius Mailat is the founder and chief Android expert at P3 digital services and since 2015 the Google Developer Expert on Android. As CTO at P3, great apps were created in record time and they are still fine examples of workmanship, handmade in Cluj-Napoca, Dusseldorf, Belgrade, and Beijing. Marius is working on producing new cars running Android Automotive to be launched in 2023.

His topic at the conference will be around the cars of the future, “Your next car will run on Android Automotive OS“.

Volvo Polestar and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi with help from Google will soon release the next generation of connected vehicles. The new generation of connected cars will run a fresh, not yet released operating system named: Android Automotive OS. Learn in this session how you can add a new level of intelligence to your car and at the same time reuse the ecosystem of Android to leverage the usage of existing GAS apps. Marius will walk you in developing the platform, the interface HMI development, do end-2-end testing in the car or how to OTA update your car.

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