Marius Mailat on “Pure Android and Android things”

We’re very happy to announce the next speaker joining MobOS 2017 – Marius Mailat is the founder and chief Android expert at P3 digital services and since 2015 the first Google Developer Expert in Eastern Europe. Marius has a master’s degree in Computer Science and has worked in the field of software development for over 17 years. As Chief Technical Officer of P3 digital services, great apps were created in record time and they are still fine examples of workmanship, handmade in Dusseldorf, Belgrade and Cluj-Napoca. He is an active Android trainer a frequent speaker on technical conferences and events. He trained over 500 developers on four continents for companies like Intel, Siemens, Real Networks, Cisco, Garmin and many more.

His presentation on the first day will be around “Pure Android and Android things”

Marius will walk you using some real-life examples in the evolution of Android, from being extensively modified to coming back to the pure Android state. The presentation is focused on Android Auto next versions, Augmented Reality apps, Industry 4.0 cases based eye-wearables and Android Things. – Android Things will be demo on the Intel Edison Board for Arduino – Android VR on: Google Daydream glasses, Epson Moverio 200 Pro and Samsung VR

The Workshop on the second day will go into more details on “Android Things”

We will learn how to work with Android Things:

–          Use Arduino to develop on a romanian board Sparrow

–          Use Android Studio to develop on Intel Edison Board

–          Combine the Android Things with NFC

Bring you laptop and if you have a Intel Edison board. Marius will give you NFC tags to be used in the workshop.

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