MobOS 2016 Call 4 Papers Speakers selected!!!

We are ready to announce the speakers selected at the Call 4 Papers contest we have run for MobOS 2016 – congratulations to all who took the step to participate and to the ones selected!!!!

Curious to find out who they are and what are they going to present at the conference?

Android – we had one 20 min slot

The selected speaker is Aurelian Cotuna, on “From nothing to styleable views” (see the ABSTRACT here).

Aurelian Cotuna is the founder and leader of Open Source Community Cluj. As leader of Open Source Community, his main focus was to inspire young minds to go beyond boundaries and experience a new way of approaching software development. He is a Senior Android Developer, currently being part of Garmin Cluj. He has built multiple top Android applications (consumer oriented) and successfully promoted these applications in multiple international conferences like DroidCon Berlin and DroidCon Amsterdam.

iOS – here, we had 2 slots of 20 min, and the selected speakers are:

Oleg Anghelov, on “Fast paced delivery with a fast paced client” (see the ABSTRACT here).

Oleg is an iOS Lead at YOPESO and he will travel all the way from Chisinau in Rep. Moldova to join us at MobOS 2016 in Cluj. Lately, his main focus is knowledge-sharing, always ready to find out all what’s new and share whatever he can with others. Oleg truly believes that communication is one of the strongest catalyst in solving most of the problems in the field.


Ovidiu Barz, “BellBot app presentation & demo” (see the ABSTRACT here)

Ovidiu’s work related life relies on two of his biggest passions: IT Entrepreneurship and innovation in technology. After 10 years of top management positions in several IT and High-Tech leading multinationals, Ovidiu founded ServUsTECH – an Eastern Europe IT company specialized in Mobile, Web and Enterprise Java Development.

He is in charge of the daily operational management of ServUsTECH, with focus on Technology and R&D Project Management; he is also leading Product Management with focus on Mobile Development, Internet of Things, Java Enterprise and HTML5 based User Interface.

Ovidiu’s belief is that innovation and technology is driving the world and his professional mission is to be part of this transformation.

We are really looking forward to welcoming them at MobOS and hope you’re curious too on what they are about to present.

Don’t forget to register!!!

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