MobOS 4th edition – the biggest conference on mobile technologies in Romania. Get to know the team and what’s in it for you

As we are getting ready for the next edition, we thought of introducing the team and give you some more reasons to attend the 4th edition of MobOS. MobOS stands for the Mobile Operating Systems Community and annual event, aimed to share technical knowledge, bring an international perspective and give you the chance to network with minds alike.

In less than 4 years MobOS grew steadily, becoming now the biggest conference on mobile technologies in Romania. Started in 2013, it has now a team of 4 individuals connected by the passion for technology and mobile. Let’s get to know them and see what’s in it for you – the passionate mobile developer curious for more and looking forward to meet people like you.  

  1. What is MobOS? Tell us a few words about it

Bogdan Iusco: MobOS is the biggest mobile conference in Romania. Its purpose is to facilitate knowledge sharing between mobile developers.

Andreea Parvu: MobOS is an educational project – its purpose is to improve and share knowledge in the IT community. MobOS is also a networking opportunity – to get to know domain experts, a community that facilitates improvements/ sharing of good case practices and aims to bring innovation in the local community.

Andrei Craciun

Andrei Craciun: I’m not sure what it is as it is not only a conference, it’s way more than that … It’s something done out of the heart for the mobile community in Cluj.

Teodora Chetan: for me MobOS is a contribution to the community – we do our best to bring to Romania famous and brilliant international speakers, giving the national community the chance to meet them, learn from them and feel that they’re part of a bigger picture. It’s a community of learning and sharing and we hope to continue to grow in the future they way we’ve grown in the past.

  1. Who are you and why have you decided to be part of the MobOS team?

Andrei Craciun: I’m one of the technical advisors … Why? It’s about sharing, and giving, and receiving…

Bogdan Iusco: I’m part of the technical team at MobOS. I have decided to be part of it because I wanted to help mobile developers connect and share ideas.

Andreea Parvu: I am one of the co-founders. I guide myself from the following life quote:

Andreea Parvu

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” (Steve Jobs). In my opinion, change is needed, and we all need to be proactive and bring initiatives that help changing the world – that is one reason why I invest 20% of my time in volunteering and I believe MobOS is a small initiative that is contributing to changing the world.

Teodora Chetan: Marketer at heart, MobOS was the perfect chance to start something from scratch, bring it to life and make it grow. It wasn’t just something, but an event that serves a community with offering a chance to be inspired, network and learn. Thinking about the 3 editions so far, I remember great speakers, beautiful participants and an awesome team with whom we have built so many memories. I am so looking forward to the next chapter – with a stronger team, many lessons learned and big ambitions. See you there!

  1. What are the trends in the mobile technologies that you see shaping its future?

Teodora Chetan: I see mobile developing greatly in all sectors – paying using our fingerprints, drones helping out with insurances, devices more and more developed to help our health, augmented reality to support our buying decisions, IoT devices in smart homes etc. Mobile is already present in our life, and it will become a more and more integrated part of our everyday activities no matter what we do.

Andrei Craciun: I think for some time now mobile technologies are in the middle of a war between 2 visions: the executive view and the professional view, and there are parties targeting both these views… on one side there are trends that promise quick and easy solutions and on the other side there are trends that target hardcore professionals that promise improvement through real work. As a personal point of view I hope the professional view will win but as an “old” observer I think this war will be around for some time and the only thing that will make sure we do not lose it is responsibility and respect for everything mobile development means.

Bogdan Iusco

Bogdan Iusco: I see artificial intelligence, augmented and/or virtual reality as the main things that will change the future of mobile.

Andreea Parvu: I see IoT and digital applications as the main trends for the mobile technologies.


  1. Why is the mobile community important for Cluj and for Romania?

Andreea Parvu: Until now, the community had mainly an impact in people development but I see a need to share good case practices, and we need a framework that facilitates this. MobOS represents just that, along with bringing domain experts in Cluj, famous speakers that had a major contribution in mobile development and can share their knowledge for us to learn.

Bogdan Iusco: Mobile represents a big chunk of the IT business, not only in Cluj but world-wide. I expect it to grow in the following years, so having a community focused on growing the mobile knowledge will speed up the process.

Teodora Chetan: we started in Cluj because the team lives here and we love this vibrant city, with a great development on the technical sector. But our hopes are that MobOS will attract more and more participants from all over the country as it already started. Being such a big trend for the future, mobile technologies should attract talented and curious people from all over the country and region. Only by becoming a stronger community we can make a difference and be a real voice that can drive real change.

Andrei Craciun:There are more than 1 billion smart portable devices connected at this moment.

Most of these people use applications created in Cluj and the only engine behind this level of delivering is a strong community.

  1. What are the things you are most keen to achieve by growing MobOS, the conference and the community?

Bogdan Iusco: Having a really connected and active mobile community would be one of the best things that I would like to see as result of the conference.

Andreea Parvu: I would like to see innovation and in the same time to build a strong community of subject matter experts at local level that we can promote at international/ national level.

Andrei Craciun: I’d love to see MobOS events and specially the annual conference as a reference point in the world’s mobility calendar. The same way we expect Google I/O to see the latest Google technologies, on the MobOS yearly conference to see the latest best practices on mobile development.

Teodora Chetan

Teodora Chetan: By growing this community – and to me that means a community that is expert, connected and driving change – I hope to see one day in the very near future mobile inventions that have been created within the community. I see the Romanian mobile community as a voice that drives change and puts Romania on the world’s map with its genius. And in all this process, MobOS to be the catalyst that drives this – helping the community to learn, share and be connected in order to be really strong.

  1. What surprises can you share from what you’re preparing for MobOS 2017?

Andrei Craciun: Cool speakers, nice location, awesome topics… you know … the usual …

Bogdan Iusco: It’s no surprise that we are committed to improving the agenda year after year. Stay tuned, we’re going to reveal some of the speakers soon!

Andreea Parvu: We’re preparing awesome speakers, very well known in the community, prizes and awards  and chances to speak individually with your favorite speakers!

Teodora Chetan: We’re gonna have even greater speakers and cooler gadgets as giveaways. But mostly, we’ll have the passionate mobile developers there – you shouldn’t miss the chance to get to know them!


See you at MobOS 2017, on 16-17 February!!!


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