MobOS pre-event on “IoT” and “Robots” topics – hosted by Accenture

On October 6th Accenture hosted the second edition of the MobOS Pre-event sessions, more than 50 participants attended with interest the sessions on IoT and Robots.

The Mobile Operating Systems Community Romania is intended to build a community around the field of mobile software development. The community will be mainly build through virtual communications, but also with key points of interaction in form of dedicated events.

On 6th of October we organized the second main practical event with lots of demos on IoT and Robots because we identified a clear interest on the market regarding this concept.

IoT/IIoT Lab is yet another concept in Accenture besides Tech Labs and Innovation Labs where new technology is tried out and competences are built around them by creating proof of concepts, then knowledge is used in real projects. Accenture Industrial Software Solution (AISS) has its focus on the Industrial Internet of Things. This is a bit different from IoT, however for skill building and community involvement this is the most appropriate form. AISS launched the IoT/IIoT Lab during mid September, 2015 and this will be a place for professional capability development inside AISS, hobby groups in AISS like G.R.E.E.N, university collaboration and diploma projects, and this will also be open for enthusiasts in Cluj. Actually GREEN has already members outside of AISS who regularly join their gatherings. The IoT/IIoT Lab currently has a number of robots like Baxter, TurtleBot, Double, Lego Mindstorms, Parot quad-copter drones, IoT gateways from Intel, Dell, sensors, electrical equipment to build electronic circuits and to measure them, smart devices from glasses like Google Glass, Vuzix, Oculus Rift, watches Moto360, Apple Watch and variety of mobile devices and indoor navigation beacons and many other equipment including a Railway Automation kit as well.


There were three technical topics on the table presented by Laszlo Tofalvi who introduced the audience in the Robot Operating System with the presentation “ROS based robots in Industry 4.0”,  Ioan-Paul Pirau and Roman Reaboi that presented a solution implemented by Accenture and Intel in order to solve the issues on a “Connected Kitchen in Food & Beverage Industry” and in the end    Liviu Stirb shared his experience in building drones during a very entertaining presentation called “Quadrocopters: from parts to losing it – the hard way”.

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 “I am pleased to have the opportunity to attend such a successful event and to see passion floating in the air. I could see it on people’s faces, involvement during presentations, in the late-night discussions after the agenda finished, in the thousands of EUR personal investments without intention to recover the money, in the fine details people described their “toys” that were actually state-of-the-art technologies and last but not least from the very fast reaction in assembling systems to show the participants demos on how IoT and Robotics work.

Thanks to Accenture for investing in IoT Lab and for facilitating access to different communities to meet and share knowledge and experience. Thanks to our friends from MobOS for choosing us to host the event and hope we will meet each other at the next sessions that will be organized before the MobOS Conference in February 2016.”

Kovacs Zsolt, Mobile Applications Capability Group Lead, Accenture

 “A very good introductory session into IoT and industrial robotics. And lets not forget quadcopters, quadcopters are always fun! I wanted to start tinkering with Intel Edison or Raspberry Pi for a while now and I can say the after sessions were very helpful! Thank you guys for this opportunity to learn about the wonderful world behind IoT!”

Valentin Radu, Mobile Consultant, Participant, Endava



About MobOS – 2016 3rd Edition of MobOS conference

MobOS hosts every year a conference dedicated to all IT professionals that are passionate and have an interest in the mobile software applications. The purpose of the conference is (1) to facilitate knowledge sharing by bringing international speakers that are subject matter experts in their field and (2) to share give case practices and present devices that are on the edge of technology.

MobOS 2016 will host the 3rd edition and will bring a new concept. Until now we had 2 days one with various presentations during the conference day and one day dedicated to workshops. This year we plan to have also an expositional stand with some of the newest devices in the domain.

The event will take place on 18-19th of February 2016. You are invited to participate.

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