Oleg Anghelov on “Beyond Engineering”

Let’s welcome Oleg, LRX Department Manager at Ellation, joining us for the second time as speaker at MobOS!

Oleg started the IT career as an iOS Engineer. He had the luck to work in a big variety of projects and companies of different scales. Being passionate about his work, and always looking for challenges of development and non-development origins, brought him to lead the development efforts in Ellation, Inc. a transformative entertainment company and home of industry-leading platforms Crunchyroll and VRV.

His talk at the conference will be take us “Beyond Engineering”. A few words about his topic:

Most of main IT companies in this part of Europe are mainly outsourcing, and I would love to cover the mindset differences when a person moves to a Product-based company.
Also, besides that that you are a really smart champ, and a terrific expert in your domain, there are also some other things the company would really appreciate about you.
So what’s the deal with “Product company”? Isn’t the development everywhere the same? Why is there a second “that” in the second paragraph? Come and lets have a fun dive into this new perspective!

See you very, very soon!

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