Ostap Andrusiv on “Mobile Growth Stack: Going Viral”

Let’s welcome our next speaker and introduce him properly before the event.

Ostap runs Product Management at GetSocial.im. At GetSocial they help developers leverage word of mouth and referral marketing to go viral with their apps. In his free time he trains deep neural nets, throws frisbee with his friends and organizes GDG DevFest Ukraine — 1000+ developer conference about mobile, web and cloud technologies.

His talk will be about “Mobile Growth Stack: Going Viral”

With CPIs reaching 3$+, ASO losing its potential, virality stands out as a vital part of mobile growth nowadays. If done right, it can help your app explode! In this talk we’ll go through several popular ways to build virality mechanics into the apps. These mechanics boost any user acquisition efforts you make and increase user engagement, resulting in 25% conversion on referrals, 2.5x higher D30 retention, 15% higher revenue per download.

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