Francisco Paco Estevez on Fully Reactive Apps | MobOS 2017

As we are 10 weeks away from the conference, we are starting to announce the confirmed speakers of the 4th MobOS edition, happening in Cluj Napoca between 16-17 February 2017! The first one to announce is Francisco Paco Estevez, he’ll joins us from London 🙂

Paco Estevez is an Android developer at Hudl by day, and an opensource contributor by night. He’s been an early adopter of new paradigms and techniques in Android, like reactive programming with RxJava or a functional approach to Kotlin. You can follow his thoughts on his blog, or his libraries on

Paco loves his job, from the the creation process, to the heated debates, and he loves all the time he gets to spend thinking about how to build things right. For Paco, this is both a challenge and its own reward, and that makes things really exciting.

On his day job at he works with great people to build apps for millions of users. As all passionate people, they work hard to find the balance between respecting the users and maintaining “the Android touch”. In the past he worked experimenting with early prototypes and bleeding edge software, and he’s done a bit of video game development. Thanks to his early immersion, snatching bugs, deciphering cryptic documentation, and being left alone with few examples to make something out of; now all come easy to Paco.

He spends hours reading books, watching conferences and gathering sources so other people don’t have to. He builds opensource projects with long readmes. He’s active online on twitter, reddit, slack, or github, and offline at conferences. Wherever he goes, he discusses the problems he faced and all the ways he found solutions to solve them.

At MobOS 2017, Paco will be speaking about “Fully Reactive Apps”. We can’t wait to meet him!

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