Paul Hudson on “Super-powered String Interpolation in Swift 5”

Our next speaker announced at MobOS is Paul Hudson. Paul is the author of Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Design Patterns, Server-Side Swift, Hacking with macOS, Hacking with watchOS, Hacking with tvOS, Swift Coding Challenges, and more. Suffice it to say, he quite likes Swift. And coffee. (But mostly Swift.) (And coffee.)

At MobOS, he will tackle┬áthe subject around “Super-powered String Interpolation in Swift 5”

Swift 5 is dramatically rewriting one of the most fundamental features of the language: string interpolation. Yes, you can still print strings and integers inside other strings, but now you can also construct whole types from strings, add custom interpolations for your types, and more.

See you soon!

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