Pawel Bragoszewski on “Swift magic” and “Testing UI with snapshots”

Pawel is an iOS developer since 2009. He worked for small startups, big companies, well known brands and as independent developer, coding more iOS apps than he can remember. He also has experience as Java and JavaScript developer, academic teacher, writer & editor. He worked in gamedev, working on several mobile titles and a full stack FPS game. He also runs marathons, collects modern art and learns playing piano.
Pawel’s talk on the first day of the event will be on “Swift magic”
Swift magic is all about powerful techniques to write concise, clean and safe code. Generics improve reusability of code in a style of dynamic language, while retaining compile time type safety. The presentation will show the power of generics in Swift, from very basic examples of generic functions to advanced topics. Also some proposals concerning generics in Swift 4 will be discussed. Extensions, especially constrained extensions are another powerful technique, similiar to categories in Objective-C but with type safety so an extensions only applies to the class if the class conforms to a certain type. And last, but not least functional programming in Swift with map-reduce-filter.
The workshop on the 2nd day will be around “Testing UI with snapshots”
Testing visual aspects of your app is tricky. The idea to write tests that will automagically confirm that a particular screen will show what the user is expected to see is compelling, but how to really do it? Let’s get hands-on with few methods of writing test for visual aspects of your apps, including writing all tests manually or using snapshot tool from fastlane.

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