Pedro Piñera Buendia’s workshop on “Building automated modular Xcode projects”

As we continue building a great agenda for our 5th edition of MobOS, we’re happy to announce our next speaker: Pedro Piñera Buendia, from Shopify, and his workshop on “Building automated modular Xcode projects”.

Besides breaking things with code, Pedro works as a Production Engineer at Shopify, developing tools and processes to scale the mobile apps and make developers productive. In his spare time, he likes exploring other technologies and languages and working on open source projects (he and Javascript became good friends recently).
You can follow his work on GitHub,, or read his posts on his personal website,

His workshop on “Building automated modular Xcode projects” is designed to teach the attendees how to leverage modularisation to scale iOS applications. During the workshop we’ll develop a simple iOS application, built in modules, and using external dependencies. We’ll get to know better what a module is, how it’s represented in Xcode and why it helps to scale our apps. Moreover, we’ll automate the creation and maintenance of the modules projects writing some scripts in Swift. Finally, we’ll explore an alternative build system like Buck.

Make sure you register if you’d like to attend his workshop!

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