Promoting our talents – Ciprian Grigor and Karoly Szanto will deliver a workshop on Android at MobOS 2016

MobOS started from the idea of creating a community around mobile technology – the ideas were to build cooperation, engage the community members and offer physical points of interaction between its members.

One thing we wanted is to encourage our talents to speak up and we are happy Ciprian Grigor and Karoly Szanto took the opportunity to do this and deliver a hands-on workshop at MobOS 2016.

Ciprian Grigor

Ciprian Grigor is a Technical Manager and Android Competency Center leader that mentors teams in building Android applications at 3PillarGlobal. He loves to share his knowledge and inspire teams to pursue seamless mobile user experinces. His interests are clean architecture, reactive programming, material design and smart devices. When he is not tinkering with technology he likes to combine hiking with landscape photography.

If you want to find out more about Ciprian before MobOS 2016, you can friend him on Facebook, add him on LinkedIn and Google+ or check-out his work on Github

.karoly szanto

Karoly Szanto is a Technical Manager, based out of Timisoara, working on bringing 3Pillar’s Android projects to market. He works with different teams of architects and designers to choose the right technology stack for each individual project. When he’s not working on the next great Android app, you can find Karoly in the kitchen cooking up something delicious. His other hobbies include  biking, snowboarding, traveling, and playing the guitar.

You can find Karoly on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter if you want to get in touch or find out more about him.

Don’t forget to register once the registrations are open! The places at workshops are really limited!


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