Radu Chelariu’s workshop on “The Process Of Building A Design System”

And we are finally ready to announce the last workshop’s details. We’re excited to have Radu Chelariu join us for this.

Radu is leading a team of UX and UI designers. He’s been playing in the UX / UI sandbox for over ten years, focusing on eCommerce and more recently, the gaming industry.

Radu’s workshop focuses on “The Process Of Building A Design System”. A few words about it, below.

Building a Design System for a large organisation sounds like fun and is something most of us deem a worthy challenge, but, make no mistake, it’s filled with more downs than ups and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.
This workshop is dedicated to dispelling some of the preconceptions around Design Systems as well as getting down and dirty with some of the caveats and pitfalls, so you can avoid them when you’re attempting to build a Design System yourself.

We’re now counting the days till the 5th edition of MobOS! See you soon!

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