Radu Dan on “On-device machine learning – Core ML vs Create ML”

And that moment has come, to close the speaker’s announcements for this year’s edition. Joining us for the first time, let’s all welcome Radu Dan to MobOS 2020!

Radu is a Swift and iOS enthusiast with almost 9 years of experience in the Mobile world. He started as an Android developer when Froyo was straight out the oven, added ObjC to the recipe and for some years Radu cooked and produced some awesome products for the companies he worked for. When Swift was out, he embraced it and never looked back. Radu is now working for Deloitte Digital crafting next-gen software pieces for big clients and leading the Mobile team from the regional center. You can find more about Radu at: https://www.radude89.com/

Radu’s topic at MobOS 2020 will be about “On-device machine learning – Core ML vs Create ML”

This talk is intended to show the audience how easy it is to create a machine learning model. With Core ML 3, on-device learning has been fully upgraded. Create ML got its own identity, now being a standalone application and is providing support for types of models such as image classifiers, object detection, sound or text classification. You can create and train your models very easy. We will check how Create ML and Core ML were intended to work together. After this talk, you will have an overview of models creation and training, how to integrate them in your iOS app and enhance them further with on-device training. Why is it a good talk I want to provide a demo of an iOS app that has a model created with Create ML via the Image Classifier and make it recognise 2-3 objects on stage. Showing people that Core ML 3 has been given a big boost this year, making use of on-device training, for sure will turn into a great subject for this talk. And with Create ML, it has never been easy to create and train your models.

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