Roman Reaboi on “Architecting Connected Apps”

Let’s finally get to meet our keynote speaker, Roman Reaboi, from Accenture!

Roman has been involved in the mobile app space for 7 years now, covering both the architecture and the implementation of apps and their supporting services. At Accenture, he is part of a team working on integrating appliance connectivity use cases with content and additional services to improve customer engagement.

As Roman likes to say it, “in his other life”, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter, playing football and enjoying a cold craft beer.

At MobOS, Roman will tackle an interesting subject, speaking about “Architecting Connected Apps”

When implementing mobile apps you are faced with lots of difficult decisions that might affect the success of the project. What programming language do I choose? What architecture? How do I modularize and what libraries do I add? What if on top of this you add the complexity of a home appliance? How do you make sure that you can implement everything and the app design does not fall apart in the process?

In this short session, we will try to explore this problem and see how we could solve it.

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