Shai Mishali on “Getting Started with Combine”

Continuing the agenda announcements, today may we introduce you to Shai Mishali. 

Shai is the iOS Tech Lead for Gett, the global on-demand mobility company; as well as an international speaker, and a highly active open-source contributor and maintainer on several high-profile projects – namely, the RxSwift Community and RxSwift projects, but also releases many open-source endeavors around Combine such as CombineCocoa, RxCombine and more. He’s also one of the authors on the book “Combine: Asynchronous Programming with Swift”. As an avid enthusiast of hackathons, Shai took 1st place at BattleHack Tel-Aviv 2014, BattleHack World Finals San Jose 2014, and Ford’s Developer Challenge Tel-Aviv 2015. You can find him on GitHub and Twitter @freak4pc.

Shai will be speaking at MobOS about “Getting Started with Combine”.

In the last WWDC, Apple has finally released it’s very own framework for declarative processing of values over time, making the skill of Reactive Programming a must for your toolset. But what does it actually mean, and why is it at all helpful for you as a developer? What are the tools and constructs Apple provides for us as developers?

In this talk, you’ll learn:
* What _is_ Reactive Programming?
* How Combine differs from other Reactive Declarative frameworks
* Basic building blocks: Publisher, Subscriber, Subscription, Subjects and more
* The anatomy and lifecycle of a Combine event
* Combine vocabulary: Operators – the ‘words’ that makeup your Combine chain
* Combine & Foundation: Apple-provided APIs to ease your day-to-day development with Combine and existing Swift APIs
* Combine’s role in SwiftUI
* What is Backpressure?
* And much more …

Make sure you secure a seat at MobOS coming up next in February!

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