Simone Civetta on “Reusable Cross-Platform Frameworks with Kotlin/Native”

We are now less than two months away from the 5th edition of MobOS and we want to wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

Let’s get to know Simone Civetta, one of our speakers who will be joining us from Paris. Simone is a developer currently working in France and making iOS apps since 2010, when his former employer got the first iPad. He is currently working with great people at Xebia IT Architects in Paris, where he helps teams crafting a wide range of mobile software. He devotes his spare time to organising FrenchKit and to flying across the World for visiting and conferencing.

At MobOS, his talk will be on “Reusable Cross-Platform Frameworks with Kotlin/Native”.

While building entire cross-platform apps might often turn out to be a bad idea, mission-critical client-specific logic can greatly benefit from an unique codebase, allowing code to be written – and tested – once. Since end 2016, Kotlin/Native can compile Kotlin code to a binary form, which can be embedded into a native app.
In this talk you will learn why it makes sense, and how, to leverage these experimental features and build a cross-platform module reusable on both Android and iOS.

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See you soon!


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