The first announced confirmed speaker at MobOS 2016

The 3rd edition of MobOS conference happening on 18-19 February 2016, in Cluj Napoca, is proud to start announcing its confirmed speakers.

Therefore, we are happy & proud to have Cesar Valiente accepting our invitation at MobOS 2016. Why Cesar is cool and why are we so excited about him speaking at MobOS? Here are some really good reasons:

  • Cesar is a valuable speaker, he has presented at the most important conferences on Android/mobile in Europe and Africa since 2010 (to name a few: Google I/O Extended, Droidcon Italy, Droidcon Tunisia, Mobiconf, Google DevFest Madrid, Droidcon Spain, Droidcon Tel Aviv, Mobiconf etc.)
  • Cesar is a Google Developer Expert on Android
  • Cesar is working now with Microsoft, continuously developing Wunderlist, the famous and awarded productivity multiplatform app; 6Wunderkinder (the original makers of Wunderlist) was acquired by Microsoft in June 2015
  • Cesar is one of the AndroidStartup co-founder, the first Android developer community created in Madrid (Spain) since March 2010

Now you can agree with us about how cool is Cesar and you might be thinking in saving the dates in your calendar – February 18-19, 2016. This is when the 3rd edition of MobOS will happen, in Cluj, and it’s going to be an event you cannot miss! Save the date now!

We will be releasing the agenda of the conference soon and you’ll be able to find out then what topic will Cesar be presenting at the conference. We still want to keep the excitement high.

Meanwhile, if you want to find out more about Cesar, read his website, see what he has presented so far, follow him on Twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn or find out more about his work on Github.

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