Third time is a charm, let’s welcome again our hosts!

There is no conference without hosts and because we love traditions, we did our best to have the same hosts for the third time now, back to MobOS! Let’s welcome Crinela from Endava and Misi from Halcyon Mobile as this year’s edition hosts, and find out more about them in the lines below!!!

Crinela Pamfilie, iOS Developer and Scrum Master at Endava, iOS Track Host 

Acting as iOS Developer and Scrum Master, Crinela has also been involved in learning and designing better solutions for app architecture and code.

“As years go by and I continue to write more and more code, new features come into play, along with their challenges. One cannot ignore the need of focusing on better code and cleaner architecture.

From that perspective, the last edition of MobOS, with its great workshops, provided some great insights for me.

Apart from that, I enjoy working with my team. It has always been a challenge to keep everybody focused after years of working together while finding a balance between client expectations and successful delivery history. Coordinating a team has thought me a lot about the importance of being adaptable and going the extra mile.

When I am away from code, if I am not traveling in pursuit of new experiences, I can always enjoy a good book or strategy games.”


Mihály Reman, Project Management Team Lead @ Halcyon Mobile, Android Track Host
Passionate about technology, and mobile apps, in particular, Misi started his career as an Android developer and helped building apps that make a difference in people’s lives.
Later, set to take on greater challenges, he shifted towards leading positions that allowed him to do two of the things he enjoys the most: shaping digital products and guiding bright, forward-thinking people.
His years worth of experience managing cross-functional teams, combined with his technical knowledge and natural born talent to motivate and engage others, make him a delightful presence and host at MobOS. 


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