Tim Condon on “Swift Package Manager”

And now we’re going to start reveling the speakers on the iOS track as well. Let’s welcome Tim Condon this time! 

Tim is a Swift developer from Manchester, UK. He’s the server-side Swift team lead at raywenderlich.com and has written the unofficial-official book on Vapor with the founders of the framework. He founded Broken Hands a few years ago and delivers talks and workshops on Vapor and server-side Swift around the world. He also co-organises the ServerSide.swift conference – the world’s first and only conference focused on server-side Swift. Twitter/GitHub: 0xTim

First time speaking at MobOS, Tim will present the “Swift Package Manager”

You’ve heard about Swift Package Manager announced at WWDC 2019, you may have even tried it out. But how do you use it for real projects? In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into Swift Package Manager and learn how to leverage its functionality to use with new and existing applications. You’ll see how to migrate dependencies from Cocoapods to SwiftPM, you’ll learn how to build your own packages and we’ll even look at how to use SwiftPM for multiple languages to build projects containing both C and Objective-C. 

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